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[solved] WTB (UK): Looking for a decent-ish ThinkPad (15.6")


Hi all.

I am looking for a decent-ish Lenovo ThinkPad to replace my working (but SO noisy!) HP ProBook 6460B, which is a little long in the tooth. My budget is meagre, £55, but trawling eBay there are a vast array of ThinkPads (and HP ProBooks) at this price, inc free UK shipping, but I am more trusting of people here, people with a regular posting history and an established term of membership  :)

My requirements are:


~# Screen: 15.6" preferably, and 1080p (matte, preferably) if possible

~# CPU: Core i5 or i7, preferably 5th gen or newer (needs to support RAM requirements - see next line)

~# RAM: Has to use DDR3 SODIMMs unless (see next sentence) and if the laptop accepts DDR3, I do not need it to come with the RAM. If the laptop is a DDR4 laptop, it will NEED to come with the RAM,  preferably 16GB, and definitely no less than 8GB.

~# HDD/SSD: So long as the device has a 2.5" bay which has a speed of SATA III, I do not need any drives, unless you want to leave them in. I shall require the caddy/adaptor cage used to house the existing drive, to put my SSD in.

~# DVD bay (will use for second SSD): If it has a DVD/optical bay, that's great, but NOT essential.

Some minor scratches to casing will be acceptable, but NO cracks or screen damage please, no iffy keys, no faults, and hopefully not noisy (mild fan noise is acceptable - my current ProBook 6460b sounds like a 747 taking off under moderate load - hence the pursuit of a replacement)

Many thanks! :-+



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