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WTB (UK/EU, maybe WW) Signetics/Philips PLS 155



Anyone here who happens to have 2 x blank Signetics / Philips PLS 155 ICs they are willing to sell, please?
They can be either PLS155A (PLCC package) or PLS155N (DIP package), as long as they are blank.

I am trying to resurrect a Tektronix 2710 SA whose display board has a total of 4 PLS ICs "broken": 3 x PLS 155 + 1 x PLS 157.
I was able to source all 4 ICs from eBay at a reasonable price but, upon arrival, it turned out that 2 out of 3 PLS 155 had already been burned and I couldn't use them.

Thanks in advance!


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