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wtb: 256MB SDRAM PC133 168-PIN DIMM, chips only on side0


I am hacking u-boot and found an interesting exploit: with a DIMM stick where the ram chips are only on the same side, the firmware can address up to 256Mbyte of ram instead of the declared 128Mbyte.

Wow, you can really double the RAM, that's amazing! I tested it with Linux, and 256Mbyte are stable and works well.


* HYS64V32220GU, PC133 stick of 256MB, 8 chips on side0, 8 chips on side1, detected as 128MB
* MSGVD3F3G318BAZH, PC133 stick of 256MB, only 8 chips on side0, detected as 256MB
So I am looking for qty=6 of similar SDRAM sticks, with ram chips only on the side0  :D

I think i have some, i will look through my stash, give me a couple of days.

I would prefer to buy from someone located in Europe  :D


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