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[Bought] WTB: 33120-80001 Opt. 001 Phase-Lock Assem for Agilent 33120A Func Gen

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most distributors sell SMD 3.3V parts. maybe need to contact manufacturer if they can sell some parts

I had some luck finding a datasheet for the oscillator used on the board. The oscillator in the photo of the assembly from the sglabs site has markings C-MAC B1729. C-MAC sold off their frequency control division to Rakon back on 2007. I contacted Rakcon and they sent me a datasheet for the oscillator. This doesn't look like the same oscillator from the service manual, but perhaps HP sourced this part from multiple vendors.

Could be useful if someone opts to make their own version of the board. I'd be happy to collaborate with someone wishing to take on such an endeavor.

could upgrade to oven oscillator

parts list

T1-1-KK81-TR could be cheaper replacements
413990-3 need to make/get connector


--- Quote from: strawberry on January 12, 2022, 03:26:09 am ---could upgrade to oven oscillator

--- End quote ---

What are your thoughts on an equivalent oscillator? I saw you had 40.00 € in the sheet but no link to a device.

average price on mouser, digikey... ~1ppm


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