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WTB 5MHz ocxo


I have a Rapco 1804M GPS conditioned oscillator, unfortunately It looks like the ocxo has died - pulling it from the unit and running it stand alone produces  10MHz output for a short while, then it dies. Presumably this is related to the oven heating up and a dry joint or something else that doesn't like getting warm/expanding.

The ocxo in the Rapco is an HCD-66-SC 5MHz 12V unit. They are completely sealed and I doubt I could get into it without destroying it so repair seems out of the question.

There is a UK supplier of HCD Research ocxo's and although the HCD-66 is clearly obsolete, a current unit - the HCD-660 looks about the right spec. However I'm pretty certain that if I have to "request a quote" the price will be beyond what I can afford to spend fixing the unit.

The only 5MHz ocxo available on fleabay is a Symmetricomunit but the auction has no data on it, nor can I find any on the net. It's obvious from the photos though that there are a couple of extra pins compared with the HCD-66 so it wouldn't fit the PCB.

Does anyone have, or know where I might be able to locate a suitable (used or new if it's not too much) replacement?


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