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UPDATE!: No need anymore. WTB: Adafruit ILI9325 TFT Breakout Board+


UPDATE! Have found a different solution.

I am in desperate need of a Version 1 of an Adafruit ILI9325 2,8" TFT Breakout Board+, as shown on the picture. I cannot change to a newer display, because the sketch/library is lost.
Here is a video of the program running, before the screen broke. Someone else build and wrote the program, but lost the code when his hard drive crashed.  :-BROKE


??  translated


2.8" 18 bit color tft lcd with touchscreen breakout board ili9325   gives good ? and many falses pointers ?

Thanks for the link, but they do not ship outside their own country.

It also states on top of their web-page; 'The shop has been suspended. Orders are not accepted.'


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