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WTB case parts for 80s brown-era Keithley

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I just picked up a Keithley 181 from ebay and got it running (culprit was a dodgy IC socket someone added probably ~30 years ago), however it's cosmetically in pretty bad shape and I need some mechanical parts for it.

Most urgent are some buttons for it (see attachment showing how few it came with), but the top and bottom halves of the case are in bad shape too, so I'd be keen to get my hands on any of these parts, or even an entire donor unit from this series of units (e.g. a 705 scanner is not nearly as valuable as a 181 for most, but has enough buttons for this use, and the case should be the same).

Getting the exact matching set of buttons might be a stretch but even some which don't quite match the surround would be much better than only having 2 working buttons, so I'm willing to entertain any useful offers.

I haven't specified a region as something like the buttons can probably be easily mailed from abroad - if someone has case parts or a donor unit then UK is best, though I can probably find shipping options with family/friends in a few other countries so please let me know if you have something anyway.

Edit for clarity: got some buttons from a kind member (see last post)

the Keithley 195A    has the same buttons  if i recall

Many Keithley products share the same enclosure and buttons.  A (still) quite affordable one on the secondary market is the 705 scanner.

Thanks and yeah, grabbing a cheap scanner or other unit off eBay was already my backup plan, just posting here first incase another forum member can help (being in the UK rather than the US makes it a lot harder to find a donor too).

The 705 annoyingly also doesn't have enough yellow buttons, though I may need to just live with that.

Forgot to add to the original post - of course it didn't come with the matching cable, so I would also be interested if anyone has some of the connectors etc (otherwise a pricey mouser order is in my future).

I would 3D print these parts. It's unlikely you will find NOS parts, old equipment like this is already written off and on the landfill.
You don't even need a 3D printer, there are online shops that will print this for you for like 5 bucks, SLA even.


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