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wtb: Delock-95000, miniPCIe-sATA-quadport-HBA (want to buy/where to buy)

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i'll put you on my ignore list

Your video card thread as left some of us  ....   you seems to have lowered your tone,  i'll do it too,   as mentioned you are on a public forum ...  don't like it  go away

Good luck on your searches  who seem very problematic and very specific, and you don't give all the details BTW

YOU can also write   ID VID specific  FreeNAS NAS for free, Windows Server  etc ...

I helped many people and i've been helped too here

And your : I put that annoying guy on the ignore list for his attitude, not the links. when he posts links he never reads what I write and responds to me as if I were a total retard who doesn't know how to use Google, indeed in the past I had specifically asked for a stock of qty>=8 wifi cards in stock (in stock = from the same seller), and he sent me 10 different links of sellers who had 1 card each. He never reads the requests, he just wastes my time and then, even worse, he becomes touchy and annoys me with every new topic

Frankly, I'm sick of people like this, not to mention guys with ZERO public post contacting you privately saying "I have what you're looking for, send me PayPal money via Friends and Family", which is actually a scam attempt.

I'm sick of your attitude too  MAN,  Mostly the way you speak or rant about people or the way you receive your answers, I did in my case read your thread, and you where also scammed, me too and others too ... in PM mails    happened in the past and will happen again,  and you rant about it in a second thread ...

BE POLITE    i'll be too   Don't pick on me or anyone,  i don't pick on you ....


Nominal Animal:
If you find each other so aggravating you cannot interact in a mutually beneficial way, just ignore each other.

And remember, you do not know each other: all you know is the other's written output.  It is a very narrow-bandwidth communications method compared to face-to-face and voice, with estimates ranging up to 90% of cues and subtext in face-to-face communication being nonverbal.  This is also something everyone can work on, without it being anything personal: we do not simply "express" ourselves here, we are trying to convey information, questions, answers, so adjusting the output formatting to ensure mutually beneficial communications is the rational thing to do here.

When one feels one needs to voice out ones opinion/view/experience on someone elses output, just venting is not useful.  What would be useful, would be to point out exactly what it is that hinders communication the most; preferably in a format that helps others understand the issue, and compensate if possible.

I wrote the why writing style and grammar matters in the Beginner forum (now sticky), because it makes a huge difference.  One benefits the most from understanding widely different viewpoints, which is what makes communicating contrary views, and most importantly the reasons and basis for those views, so extremely useful.  It is not about "being polite" or "being professional"; fuck that.  It is about getting the maximum mutual benefit out of technical discussions.


--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on April 18, 2024, 11:31:59 am ---If you find each other so aggravating you cannot interact in a mutually beneficial way, just ignore each other.

--- End quote ---

Sure, I have never had problems in the markets of other forums, unfortunately smaller ones. but I don't even have to justify why I ask on EEVBlog too!
And no one has even ever asked him anything, it's a public forum, if I open a topic in which users might be expressly interested in knowing if the hardware they are willing to sell, or you are willing to sell it and reply/contact in orivate, or you move on with other stuff.

If I open a topic in which users might be expressly interested in knowing if someone is looking for some hardware they are willing to sell

* A) or you are one of those who are willing to sell it and reply in public/contact in private
* B) or you are not, and you move on with other stuffA | B are mutually exclusive, unless you ask otherwise.

It really annoys me when people insist on "wanting to help you", and do nothing but throw random links, without understanding what you are looking for, or why you opened a topic, or even worse, they even tell you "then go and look elsewhere instead ".


--- Quote from: DiTBho on April 18, 2024, 09:22:20 am ---Startech is generally too expensive for me.

--- End quote ---

I had a short private discussion in a retrocomputing forum, where they found my friends and I some hw that we need.
(Apple PowerMacs related)

We discussed some pATA<->sATA adapters, brands, cheap Chinese clones, etc

And came out that is, Startech adapters are the best ever, certainly more expensive, but they offer the certainty of working on any computer without unpleasant surprises, which however "must be verified" from time to time with other solutions.

So in the end... I don't know, but as far as my group is concerned we see it like this: the extra money they cost is repaid by the time they save  :-//

When I open one of these topics, and indicate a potential seller (KALEA), I perhaps expect a comment from someone who knows them and gives me feedback.

--- Quote from: DiTBho on April 17, 2024, 12:04:29 pm ---I know "Kalea-Informatique" (France based) offers a "similar" HBA, however ... I'm not sure if it's the same quality, and I've read several customers complaints to which Kalea-Informatique responded "for 50 euro + S/H don't expect the same build quality as DeLock".

--- End quote ---

From what I understand, by investigating myself them a little, "Kalea-Informatique" is based in Provence (France) and works only by correspondence. It was created at the beginning of 2006, and is a registered trademark (INPI, 19 4 597 167) of electronic components owned by the COMPOTRADE company which is their only reseller.

So, they sell both on eBay and have been partners with Amazon since their entry into France in 2007, but the interesting thing is that their suppliers are not resellers, but the manufacturers of the products, so in some way there is actually quality control.


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