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wtb: Delock-95000, miniPCIe-sATA-quadport-HBA (want to buy/where to buy)

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--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on April 17, 2024, 01:54:42 pm ---Delock 95000 EAN is 4043619950003, and doing a web search on that indicates egloss might have one.

--- End quote ---

They replied that they don't know if and when the product will be available.
Sounds likely "never again", like on Amazon.

I bought two modules

* LinkReal LRST8615-4IT, from Aliexpress
* Kalea-Informatique, from Amazonso I can compare them!

the chips are the same, the severity of the quality control of the PCB and the rest remains to be seen.
We will see.

Ok, I'll end it here, it will took in a couple of weeks at least, if anyone is interested in the matter, feel free to contact me privately, and I'll tell what I think after having tested them thoroughly.


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