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. . .Does anyone know if any of the PCB design files, program code, Microcontroller Code, etc., etc., are available to make the "Big Green Breadboard" and the purpose made "Hex Keypad" used in Tom Hayes's  book "Learning The Art Of Electronics" have been archived or saved anywhere please?

. . .I couldn't find them using the Wayback Machine on the "Learning The Art Of Electronics" web site!

. . .I could possibly make suitable "Big Green Breadboard" and "Hex Keypad" PCBs if I know exactly what model of breadboard was used, but obviously without the programming code there would be no point attempting to design one!

. .  .Tom Hayes's email appears to be dead, is he still living?

. . .How much of this Lab Course is it still feasible to do today?

Chris Williams
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Program code and functional descriptions of the custom boards are available from the LAOE site via the “materials” and “parts, equipment, lab notes” tabs.

As for the the pcb design files, AFAIK those are the exclusive property of GearLoose Development (Tom Hayes). I bought a set of board kits from him about a year ago and he included schematics in the package—you would have to communicate directly with Tom himself if you want your own set of boards or a copy of the design files. PM me and I can share the last email address I have for him from about a year ago.

Without a doubt, the Lab Course is still perfectly feasible to do today once you’ve gathered all the bits and pieces.
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