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wtb: Delock-95000, miniPCIe-sATA-quadport-HBA (want to buy/where to buy)

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this is a want to buy/(suggest)where to buy request.
I am not able to find a DeLock-95000 from { eBay, Amazon, ePrice, ... } as "product no more available".

On the DeLock website they invite you to look for resellers, the 13 Europeans shops (suggested by Delock itself) I asked told me they didn't have the product in stock and couldn't order it.

The 95000 is based on the MARVELL-88SE9215 chip, offering a SFF-8087 (quad sATA) interface.

I know "KALEA-INFORMATIQUE" (France based) offers a "similar" HBA, however ... I'm not sure if it's the same quality, and I've read several customers complaints to which KALEA-INFORMATIQUE responded "for 50 euro + S/H don't expect the same build quality as DeLock".

Well, I can pay it more than 50 euro, it's not a metter of money, it's a vital component for the final purpose I need it for, so I'd like to avoid nasty surprises.

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This is not a topic where I don't just ask if anyone on the forum has one for sale, but where I also ask for suggestions on "where to buy", and I specified that I don't want to buy anything other than DeLock.

Thanks  :)

you have this one  ?
Mini pci-e to 4x sata  instead,   unless you deal   with caddy's  / hdd cage ?  is that it ?


they are based on the MARVELL-88SE9215  on some link

if you are that picky on your answer(s) and suggestions as your video card thread,  i think you should not come here ?


--- Quote from: coromonadalix on April 17, 2024, 12:26:31 pm ---if you are that picky on your answer(s) and suggestions as your video card thread,  i think you should not come here ?

--- End quote ---

ok, enjoy my ignore list.

Above I put the link to the product, where there are also the datasheets, I also put a photo so it's even clearer


I explicitly asked for the product made by DeLock, I don't want to buy clones of dubious quality, and I seem to have written it very clearly.
If it wasn't clear, I'll say it again

Nominal Animal:
Looking at the board images, LinkReal LRST8615-4IT ( seems an exact duplicate or OEM of Delock 95000, including components and silkscreening.
(I believe suspect OEM, as Delock lists the origin of 95000 as China.)

Considering the price including shipping, and Delock 95000 being unobtainium, you might consider ordering a LinkReal one from LinkReal's AliExpress store.

Delock 95000 EAN is 4043619950003, and doing a web search on that indicates might have one (for 70€+).


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