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WTB GenRad 1863/64 megohmmeter parts/junker


Bonjour a tous,

Trying to restore   GenRad 1863 and 1864 megohmmeters.

 looking for meter movement, knobs and cases,
 Refugee from Lawrence Livermore Labs (LLNL) salvage lot, 1980s,

Also located original manual...

The 1864 has a broken meter PCB and dead meter movement. Special scale and oval GenRad type.
both have the Usual split case sides.

PM me if anyone can assist!

My locations to receive both  USA and Paris

Mille mercies


Stray Electron:
 What's on the meter PCB and is it repairable?  Do you know if the meter movement or PCB is the same as that used in any of the other GR equipment?

  GR equipment, even of this vintage, is still highly sought after and very expensive in my experience.  I generally pick up every piece of it that I find regardless of the age and condition; if it's not insanely priced!

  20+ years ago I used to see a lot of it for sale and it was pricy but affordable. Now everyone acts like it's made of platinum!

Rebonjour Stray Electron, mille mercis:

Have been finding the GenRad at Ham radio fleas since 1980s, occasionally epay and finally a Ham radio silent key estate I managed.

In 1970s..1990, I was a  designer and manufacturer of HV power supplies and transformers, the GenRad megohm meters were VERY fine lab tools!

Indeed the nixie counters, burst generator, and bridges are highly prized and built like tanks.

I found in my archive two more megohm meters:

Inventory and status:

1/ 1864: Broken case, smashed meter, meter PCB has cracked mounting corner, but intact.

Voltage reg 0-1000V is OK,  but meter circuit had bad FET VM, the output transistor was replaced.

2/ 1863: Great condition, works and seems in CAL to 20 T Ohm, date 1969..1972, case has split corenrs. Meter movement si perfect!

3/ Megohm bridge 1644-A: Perfect cond, CAL OK to 20 T Ohm, voltage output OK panel has a few scratches need the light gray GenRad paint.

4/ Megohm meter 1862-C Perfect cond, CAL stickers from Tucker Labs, mint!

1,2,4 use the same Jewell Electric oval meter with special reversed movement and 0.5...1...infinity scale Marked GR4, Rd 60, 5370-1412. meter face Dimensions 3.75" W 3.125 H 3.125 across oval.

Panel cutout 2.125" diameter

Will take photos and attach soon.

With Best Regards,


PS: Are your stray electrons statistics Bose -Einstein or Fermi- Dirac?


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