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WTB HP 8558B Reference Level control components

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I recently acquired a later model (1980-ish?) HP 8558B spectrum analyser plugin in its HP 182T display unit. It works, but the Reference Level control is missing components: a spring (45), washer (63), circlip (48), pointer (44), and index disc (47) as shown circled in red in the exploded diagram.
If you have these to sell from a parts-mule later model standard 50 ohm (aka "Std Option 001") 8558B, i.e., not early models with the coarse-toothed knob grip or the Option 002 75 ohm input, and can ship to the UK, please message me.

I might have these parts, I bought a few incomplete modules from PP auctions a few years ago and parted them out, will have a look in the storage unit at the weekend if you still need these. Identifying the washer & spring might be a problem.


That would be brilliant, thanks!

I've got the descriptions from the service manual, including measurements of the washer and snap ring:

44 - 08565-40011 Pointer - Input Attenuator
45 - 1460-0532   Spring - Conical
47 - 08558-00043 Index Disk (Std. Opt. 001) Reference Level
48 - 0510-0089   Retainer - Ring Bsc Ext .188-in-dia be-cu (snap ring)
63 - 2190-0390   Washer - fl nm 1/4 in .26-in-ID .562-in-OD (washer)

The fact that the spring is conical -- it appears to both keep the knob in the normally "out" position and keep the pointer pushed against the panel -- might help. I expect it's pretty light.

Thanks, I will see what I can find.


I've been over to the storage unit for a few things, including bringing back the box of mechanical bits from the 8558B, I think I've found everything you asked for, the #63 FL NM washer seems to be flat non-metallic (following the abbreviations list) of the same thickness as the index scale disk, there is a * against #63 in the parts list, which mentions a shim washer being used, but no information on the size or material, might be easier for me to send both the metal & plastic shim washers and you can decide which fits best.

Price is £5 plus postage, PM me if you still want these parts.



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