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wtb: HP-Fujitsu maw-3073nc, SCSI-SCA-80pin

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I need qty=2..7, HP-Fujtsu maw 3073nc SCSI hard-drives, 72GByte
Don't confuse with maw-3073np.
maw-3073nc is 80pin
maw-3073np is 68pin
I need with SCA interface, hence the maw-3073nc.

Let me know if you have, brand-new, or "opened, never used"  :D

Do you know any serious seller?
on eBay ... there are still a few sellers with SCSI-SCA disks and price in the range of 52-72 UKP, but it's always the same annoying story ...

* the seller declares "NEW or OPEN BOX drives", which implies zero Power_On_Hours
* you order and pay
* you find SMART tests reporting  Power_On_Hours = { 20K, 30K, ..., 60k, ... } hours
* so not NEW or OPEN BOX drives, but rather OLD USED disks cleaned of dust
Is there anyone serious I can trust?  :-//

Fujitsu MAW-3147NC is an 80pin SCA-SCSI 147GB 10KRPM U320 disk with 8MB cache
it would be a valid alternative to the MAW-3073nc. Just bigger, with 147GB rather than 73GB.

Let me know  :-+


i dont have HP, but i do have a couple ST3146707LC new, as in they are installed in a new BX600 S1 spare server. I should test them to see if they werent used. FSC part number S26361-H846-V100

in which palces people still use this ancient drives?

Regards J.


--- Quote from: jorgeh on May 08, 2022, 05:51:09 pm ---in which places people still use this ancient drives?

--- End quote ---

Where you need to use UNIX workstations and servers and you cannot install any sATA, FC, adapters :D


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