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Hi all,
my Lecroy scope is damaged and not possible to repair. I have already a lot of probes with the ProBus interface. Because of this I would like to buy another Lecroy scope.
It should be one of those with 4 channels:
Lecroy Wavesurfer Series: Xs/Xs-A/MXs-B
Lecroy Waverunner Series: Xi/Xi-A/Xi-A-N
Lecroy Waverunner Series: 6Zi/HRO 6Zi

The bandwidth is not so important. But probably not above 1GHz, because it will get too expensive for my needs. But who knows :)
It should be a Windows scope and not the Wavesurfer 3000 series.
I don't have a fixed price limit. But don't even bother to offer scopes above 5000€. The condition of the scope is not so important and you can even offer faulty scopes.
I am located in Germany.

Best regards

PM send

What's wrong with it and why can't it be repaired? What model number are you currently using?

Joy Torres
Instruments 4 Engineers ltd

Is it the power supply? At work we’ve had 3 or 4 LeCroy scopes’ power supplies fail. One guy has become the internal repairman for them.

Thank you Kirkhaan. PM sent.

It looks like the trigger chip (HTT660) is broken. I couldn't find any issues with the power supply. All rails are very stable. I measured all the DC-DC converters on the PCB as well.

I can switch on the scope and everything looks normal. It also works somehow in Roll Mode. But the automatic self calibration does not work and the triggering does not work.
Those tasks should happen inside the MTT HTT660 chip. I get also the "PCI Gigabit communication error" with several other error messages like "MAM phase error detected" and so on.
I am very sure the acquisition board is gone.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions :)


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