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WTB: Octavo Systems OSD3358-512M-BCB (USA)


Hi fellow geeks,

I'm in dire straits. My college rocketry team just received custom PCBs using the Octavo Systems' OSD3358-512M-BCB, but all the major suppliers are out of stock of the part. We were hoping to cannibalize a Beaglebone black (BBB) or two, but it turns out the BBB uses the OSD3358-512M-BAS, which seems to have an entirely different ball map/pinout based on their datasheets. We're looking to buy two OSD3358-512M-BCBs, but have nowhere to turn. If you have any of the part in your collection, we'll eagerly buy it/them off of you and pay for it to be shipped. The unit price on digi-key is $75.91, so we're prepared to pay up to 125$ each plus shipping.

And for anyone wondering why we're using such an overkill SoC for a rocketry project- our team members from years past seemed to enjoy over-engineering for the sake of learning. I can't say I blame them, but it certainly isn't making our life easy with part supply being what it is!



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