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Hi all, looking for a cheap scope for debugging my electronics projects  :)

I do hobbyist PCB work, designing PCBs for enthusiast keyboards, you can take a peek on my GitHub (@zykrah) if you're curious. I am currently building up my arsenal of equipment and was looking for a scope to debug some of the more complicated parts of it (keyboard PCBs are admittedly simple), as well as future electronics projects. I asked an older EE friend of mine (do you guys know josha??) and they said I might be able to grab something cheaper off here, so I'm trying my luck  :P

Not picky on model (I don't know too much about scopes anyways), would probably make things easier if in Australia. I'm in Sydney.


I had to move this one AGAIN last week $60+ whatever it will cost to post it. But I will make sure is stays under $100 regardless as it needs a good home.

Cheers, it definitely looks intriguing, but I doubt i'd have the space for a unit that big. Will keep in mind if I can't find anything else though. Thanks :)

All of the older ones with CRT's are going to be that deep some of the slightly older ones are also really really heavy and larger in frontal area as well :-DD . Getting something more modern (LCD, Rigol, Siglent etc) in Oz of a decent standard will run $250+ used based on what has been going around.

I would not buy today such an old crt scope for around $50-$100. they are simply not worth it
there are so much things you cannot do with these scopes
if you learn electronic, you will deal with analog, but mainly digital signals.
I would spare some money to get an entry level rigol or siglent around $400, with them you will really be able to learn something in today's electronic.


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