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WTB: Pace SX20 or SX25, Pace Minichine tool


After searching many recycle stores and ebay for a good while, I finally decided i would ask if you guys are willing to sell some old Pace equipment.
Its to go with my recently acquired Pace 7008-0127-02 workstation. It has a desolder/extraction vacuum, and a minichine output that im hoping to get the tool for to use, as it would be very happily utilized in my shop. The ports on this model of workstation are a standard 120 volt wall outlet, and newer soldr-x-tractors wont work with it out of the box, so i need to find an old model like the SX20 or 25.

- Brian

Wallace Gasiewicz:
My Minichine output broke also. Easy fix, it was the diode rectifier bridge, I just put in a bigger one. All Better.Also here solder sucker on ebay.  I would offer significantly less.!46227!US!-1&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4Lv4%2BdWSlatQ62llyIgh7cfZj2LWxfUCG5MM2Fu%2BgYe5drRVCVLs6HBxiJ%2BJx1zNpoXOEbQEH5TIB4e2JdNmpQ8XTQ2XE8ZRz2jZ6QVpeGJfV%2FW6g81Y%2Baienwr5N7ok9aoOT3SMmQbb9I2wE7OtCnZufhTauRepGHBUH8pcmgEU1KgZ3t6MbCcHRDW5fxNkMrEvk6Tz43tdQ8a0LAgIf%2F6iLwtLQob03%2BpXJezMqt38tIInNCxfRDToX1e%2FAezShN8xVKu2uJkmlHXx597rMIXnSW5DrWrO%2FM%2FyHVTmeuZA%7Ctkp%3ABFBMlvCAs9hi

Also the insulating gaskets on the iron and this solder sucker are easily made from auto store exhaust manifold gasket material.It is actually a better fix than buying the original gaskets.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I did see that one on ebay, but i didnt see a vaccum tube hose that went with it and i didnt know if that would be an issue or not. And also it is a steep price. Is there a way to replace that hose if i were to buy it?

Edit: after looking through the manual the vacuum hose looks very easy to replace with a generic one you can get from a hardware store, and the Visifilter (the inline filter for the hose) are commonly sold on ebay.

I have a spare X-tractor for this model. Do you have any handpieces that are not 120VAC to trade?

I do not. Im primarily looking to buy, i dont own any quality soldering tools to trade with.


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