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WTB: Racal Dana 9478 Frequency Standard Distribution System


Want to buy:
Racal Dana 9478 Frequency Standard Distribution System.

Best regards.

Where abouts are you, what options are you wanting and what price range are you looking at?

I’ve got one that I bought to use at a previous job. I’m about to move house and that involves setting up the bench in the new workshop and wiring things in a more permanent fashion that they are in our current rental, but the 9478 hasn’t been connected in the few years we’ve been in this house.

While I’m wanting to get distributed frequency references setup again at home and while setting up the new bench would be the perfect time to do so, I don’t think I need it for the work I do these days.

From memory one has a few outputs at each 10MHz, 5MHz and 1MHz. There was instructions how to change the output frequency for each output, but I never got that far. I vaguely remember 04a as a option, but I’d need to dig it out to check the back tag.


--- Quote from: PTR_1275 on November 29, 2021, 10:59:15 am ---Where abouts are you

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If you hover the mouse on the "Flag" it will show the country

I am form Polnad, Europe.
If that's not a problem, you can send me some photos and write down the price and shipping costs.
I'm afraid the shipping costs will be high.


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