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WTB: RPi Compute Module 4 (1GB RAM or above and either no eMMC or 16GB eMMC)



I bought a blikvm for a server management project I’m working on and I’ve realised that the CM4 I was going to use (2GB RAM/8GB EMMC was all I could buy online) wont work, I either need a 16GB EMMC version or a no EMMC version (it only needs 1GB RAM and whether it has Wifi/BT doesn't matter), does anyone have a suitable used CM4 lying around that you could sell to me?

It would need to be posted to Sydney, Australia.

Thanks for looking!

Best regards

In stock:

Thanks Jeremy, I swear I searched Core this morning just before I posted here, I actually emailed them around lunchtime to see if they had any used stock and they came back to me saying they had this and "that one might not have the same visibility set which makes it harder to find, probably a simple data-entry mistake on our end", they probably fixed the error which meant you were able to find it, anyway I ordered today and its already shipped!

Just to put it out there, for Europe, US there is this
And there is a twitter account, which tracks every known new stock and posts about it.

Might be helpful for future to ask the developer, if he could add
So that the database of sites could gradually start to grow for AU as well.


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