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WTB - signal gererator for FM stereo work


Looking for a unit to work on FM stereo.  Something like a sencore sg-80, leader 3217, Philips, Kenwood, Panasonic, etc.  Open to ideas/offers.. thks..


I have an RF Generator, Synthesized Wavetek 2520A 2-2200 MHz.  It has come in handy for some of my projects and has worked well.

It is not an analyzer like the Sencor you listed but is a nice, general purpose RF generator that will do AM, FM, sweeps etc..
Have a look at the specs. online to see if it will help you.  It is fairly heavy so shipping will be cost to consider too.

What sort of FM work are you trying to do?  What is your budget for this equipment?

These look like fraud...   These were PM to me, not posted to the thread.

M3Knight ---> -------->  Mark Evans  Is under investigation by paypal for a fraudulent sell of a Leader 3217 to me.  When paypal is finished, will update here and send to Admins and other sites.


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Hello Mate ,

Any luck yet ?

Contact Harvey he's has one he's willing to part with at a fair price. Pm him


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I think i saw a guy called Muncho posted a signal gererator for sale. Here is his email

I have used a Sound Technology ST1000A for decades. They may be old but they are built like tanks and work very well. Many of the big audio companies used these.


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