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I feel like I want to buy something. I haven't burned any money in a while and inflation is making me nervous that my buying power is rapidly diminishing.

I was reading a post here about how to measure water level in a tank and one idea revealed a time-of-flight laser sensor, so I bought a 5 pack from ebay just to play with. The joy is going to wear off too quick so I need more.

What cool gadgets can I waste more money on? Nothing too crazy...

Differential scope probe?

That's something that I'm mulling over.


--- Quote ---What cool gadgets can I waste more money on? Nothing too crazy...
--- End quote ---

So long as you're not in the UK, the EEZ BB3 power supply is pretty damn neat. Once you've built it and just, you know, powered stuff you can write scripts to automate blowing fuses and things. And recording the electrical mess in real time.

There's a couple of threads on EEVBlog for it too.


Some kind of active probe sounds like a good project. I'm great at starting new projects, getting breadboard functionality, and then shelving it.

I do like the idea of a new power supply. I looked on craigslist and a DP820 is waiting for me. They want new price so we'll see if they really want to sell.

I think my country banned the owning of bullion. Maybe that was then and now it's different. I think bullion comes on a piece of paper written in ink. Sounds boring.

I will also find where is my thermal imager. I'm having a hard time buying the uti260b from the ebay sellers right now espeically on a two month ship scale, and never did the alibang thing.


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