Author Topic: WTB (Got it) D module for TDK Lambda Sirius CS250 / CSF250 / CSF350 power supply  (Read 900 times)

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Update 1: found almost everything. Only need D module now. Where can one locate something like this?
Update 2: Found everything including the last module which was inside of the exact power supply I was looking for :-DD

I might be able to rig / transmute M module into something like D. Not sure about higher voltage dual rail modules. But for some reason Only D module has common 0V for two rails.

I _was_ looking for a whole TDK Lambda Sirius CSF series power supply for AeroFlex IFR 3413 SigGen that is missing one.

Main rails have to be 12V-10A, 5V-25A*
Actual voltage need to be 6.5V, but according to datasheet it is adjustable 4.5-8.0, which means 5V and 6.5V models are the same with different adjustments.

These suckers are modular. Finding the right one might be hard.
I'll probably have to hunt down secondary modules separately. Since they all have different combinations of voltages too.
I need H and D modules
H module is 12V 4A and 26V 2A
D module is 5V 5A and 3.4V 5A

Datasheet is here,
and here

I think SigGen has room for CSF350 model, which is bigger, but seems to be the same in most of the parameters except higher overall power
CS series (without F) is at least noisier and can't work without a load according to the datasheet and does not have the same feedback interface on the back.

Does anybody have one of those power supplies or modules collecting dust somewhere?

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Only one module remains unobtained!
I got too excited in the process of hunting for these supplies. As a result I have two and a half of them now  8). I also have one of the required modules (H).
Only "D" remains to be found.
Found everything I needed.
I have a bunch of various Lambda P/S and modules now for spares or for sale :)

D module is 5V 5A and 3.4V 5A
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Hi, if you need PSU parts let me know, I’m also working on a 3413 and 16.


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in the same years you had TDK Lambda Vega 650 series ... they had modulars sections too,  not sure they are EXACT   like yours  ??

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