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WTB : Tektronix 310A Power plug.

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I was given a scope, A Tektronix 310A, Yeah it's old BUT it works, I cobbed a power plug to test it, now I know it powers up, I need a STOCK plug for it. This  site has a picture of the back side as well as the front.


Probably easier to either hardwire a lead or replace the connector with   a standard IEC.

I can only access the small version of the photo, but it kind of looks like what's called a power inlet (male plug in a recessed hole). If that's the case, you may find a NEMA number on it that would allow you to order the correct female end that you could put on your own cord, or with an inside diameter measurement, you may find something compatible. Either way, your best bet will be the contractor counter at an electrical supply house. They should have the catalogs you need to find something.

If you are not already a member, it would be worth joining 'TekScopes' on Yahoo Groups. There are many very knowledgeable people there who may know about the power connector, known suppliers or alternatives that may be used.

Holy crap -- the inside of that thing is gorgeous!


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