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FOUND: Tube-based square-wave generator


Looking to round out the vintage function generator collection with something that makes pretty square waves. Doesn't need to do RF - AF-only is fine!

* HP 211a
* Precision E-310
* Eico 377
* Heathkit AG-10, IG-72, IG-82, EUW-27, etc

The Doktor:
Will you be visiting friends/relatives in NJ for the holidays? I think I've got what you're looking for, but I won't be able to ship it.

It isn't any of the models you listed, but it's all tube and produces nice square waves. It's also very large, a bit smaller than your average ancient Tek scope. I'm disabled and can't get close enough to see the brand, but can get a friend to drag it out if you're interested.


I have a Tektronix model 107 Square Wave Generator that I would be willing to sell.

Thanks, all. I ended up picking up an HP 202a for a very reasonable price. I'll need to replace several 65-year old paper caps and clean it up a little, but as long as the PT isn't shot it should do nicely. (I don't really need 0.008 Hz - who does?? - but this covers the 400 and 1000 Hz frequencies I do need. And I can use it as a 40-lb weight when I'm working out!)

Oh, and it came with three Telefunken 12AX7s, so it should pay for itself  ;D


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