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Title: WTB UK Square 12mm Sencore Button 21K81 from VA62 etc?
Post by: Chris56000 on March 15, 2019, 11:26:04 pm

I've been looking over all eBay USA, Surplus Sales of Nebraska, etc., etc., to no avail trying to find a 12mm square Sencore plastic button, part no 21K81 – I've just found out these are also used on the Sencore VA62 Video Analyzer although they're black rather than the light grey one I'm missing but the colour's not important!

Anybody got a VA62 switch button from a "parts mule" they could send me or one of the push–button switch banks with one? It's to complete a DVM56!

If anybody knows the actual maker of the buttons/switch–bank used in Sencore 1980s gear that might help me locate one!

All reasonable payment/shipping costs, etc., reimbursed!

Chris Williams