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WTB US Bench top DMM - $250 budget

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older Flukes and Keithleys hardly go wrong but a Fluke 45 can be found sub 200usd in USA.
If it has had little use usual indications case not yellowed and buttons look fresh and the VFD display is not very dim.

My 45 Im pleased with and they are a bargain right now

If ever a problem you have a helpful community here so dont fret.

sadly used stuff price has gone bonkers,  i could purchase 34401a at 200-300$ usd  before the covid fiasco, and now they almost doubled ??

the 3468, 3478, 45 and many others suffer the same ''influence'' loll

I bought 3 Fluke 8840A/AF for parts looking for a project.  They all were 100% functional, even the displays are bright.  At that point I gave up on the project and just put them on my bench.  I got them all for under $100 each, but it looks like prices have gone up a bit since then.


--- Quote from: trilerian on June 05, 2023, 02:06:29 am ---I did!

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Sheesh!  You're supposed to read about and stalk eBay deals for months on end, not snap at them like a hungry crocodile!  Anyway, when you get it make sure you take it apart before you turn it on and measure the voltage of the memory battery.  I'm assuming you have another basic meter of some sort already--don't attempt to use the 3478A to measure its own battery!  It might seem basic, but there are somewhat regular posts from people that have destroyed their meter (of any kind) by attempting to measure its own battery.  If its under 3.0V, you need to replace it soon to avoid losing the calibration data.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't have a 1000V range, it only goes up to ~300V.  Also, you can fnd an .stl for back feet on Thingiverse, very handy if you want to stand the meter up without damaging it.

Before you touch the internal battery, try backing up the contents of the calibration RAM. This requires access to the 3478A via GPIB. The attached script will work with a Prologix GPIB-to-Ethernet adapter; elsewhere on the site you can find a similar script for a GPIB-to-USB adapter.

BTW, once you have such an adapter, you can also use TestController software (again, found elsewhere on the site) to control and read the 3478A.

Finally, when you tackle the battery replacement, be sure to read up on the procedure. You will want to have a standby battery connected to keep the RAM alive while the main battery is removed. And you don't want to accidentally short out the battery rail by using a grounded soldering iron...find a good writeup and you can dodge such issues.


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