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WTB: VFD for 53131A

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Title says all....
a year ago on Ebay these VFD panels could be purchased for less than 100$ shipped. Now, somehow, price is doubled. While the 34401 VFD can be NOW be purchased for less than 30$ (when i was looking for a replacement, a couple years ago, it also was above 70$.... WTF?).
Does anyone on the forum have a spare that I could have for the above mentioned 100 shipped? I am in Italy....

Forever grateful for any help in the right direction!

Best, Franco

for the 34401a   i've paid them aroud 35$ usd  on Aliexpress,  they were clones of the originals,  but prices have changed,  tons of stuff  became unreasonably priced

Maybe a search on their website ??


The price increased indeed. I Bought one for 65€ shipped to germany last year. The listing isnt available anymore :(
But here is one for 70€ + VAT:
But the pictures are showing the wrong vfd. You should ask the seller before ordering.

@ebclr @coromonadalix
The vfd for the 34401a is different and available for ~30€ in the last years. That doesnt solve the 53131a vfd problem.

Yes I tried asking the seller, let’s see what he says-  and I’ll aslo ask the 34401 seller if he has 53131a displays. I have little hope but you never know...
Thanks to everyone, in any case if some nice forumer has a spare I’m interested!


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