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WTB/WANTED: Fluke LinkRunner Pro Latest Firmware


Some time ago I bought a used Fluke LinkRunner Pro on ebay.
Currently the firmware version is very obsolete - 0701.30.
I tried downloading the latest available firmware from, but the page was not found - 404 error.
Fluke support also can't help: very old device.
Maybe someone have firmware 0800.67 or more new?

For upgrade use XP and USB 2.0 only.

If you don't mind, can I ask what the update process is?
Is there a Fluke software package to install on the PC first that will detect and manage the update?
Just wondering what to do with the files..Just bought a used a LinkrunnerPro with
Thank you BTW!!!  Very much appreciate the time & effort!!

<UPDATE> Ok, so I now know I need a copy of Fluke's "Connect" software (the old version from <2015).  Does anyone have a copy?
FWIW - I just uploaded a copy of the ancient but useful CableIQ ISO to Any chance someone could help?


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