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WTB/Wanted in NY/USA: “Cheap” CRT 2ch 10-50MHz Oscilloscope

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Untested/as is should be a red flag unless you both
1.) have a good picture of it sort of working (shows a healthy looking trace) and
 2.) Have found that the service manual is available.

Otherwise you could in your eagerness to get a good deal, could end up with a practically worthless non-working boat anchor you cant return because they warned you of its problems and you still bought it agreeing that it was for parts of not working. Once the CRT dies, an old analog scope is USUALLY not worth fixing. Because the tube even if it is replaceable is likely to be expensive, more so than just buying a newer modern digital scope ($300-400) If you need a working instrument, I would just buy a beginners digital scope, like a Rigol. If youre a nostalgic type who misses the problems of the past and wants to relive its anguished moments, well, Ive already told you how to do that. Save a few pennies today.

I have a Tektronix 2235 I am intending to list on EBAY.  I purchased it new from Tektronix quite a few years ago and used in my business, I'm retiring and no longer need it.  It never left the office and looks like new.  It works fine, no problems.. Included are three Tektronix 100 MHz probes. Includes Tektronix service manual also.  I also have a Tektronix Scope cart that I used with it.

Manual is here:

Let me know if this meets your needs?

Kennebunkport, Maine USA


--- Quote from: Tekjive on January 24, 2022, 08:17:54 am ---Hey All, new to the electronics side of um, electronics? I read in the rules for this thread that PC gear isn’t considered “electronics” lol 😅
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Yes doing electronics as a hobby or electronics engineering is different from just being into electronics stuff. Everyone has used mobiles, gadgets, computer parts to sell, they are consumer electronics though not anything specifically related to doing electronics (test equipment, tools, parts, etc).


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