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WTB/Wanted in NY/USA: “Cheap” CRT 2ch 10-50MHz Oscilloscope

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Hey All, new to the electronics side of um, electronics? I read in the rules for this thread that PC gear isn’t considered “electronics” lol 😅  but ya I’ve been into anything electronics for awhile, few small degrees in PC related, electrical apprentice, etc. I’ve recently gotten into Amplifier repair and finding I need a 2channel Oscilloscope so I can run a combined/differential reading? I’m still learning so I apologize for my newbness, self teaching everything, and really digging it.

WTB: But ya I need a “cheap” CRT based oscilloscope with onscreen text (frequency, etc so I ain’t gota calculate it myself lol 😅) 2 channels that I can combine (do they all do that if 2+ channels?) prefer a CRT based scope to see the wave really well. Can be anything 10MHZ-50MHz or above or course but I’ll be dealing with mostly square waves on lower spectrum I think (audio amplifier repair)

I don’t have the money for something expensive (anything over $200 is considered “expensive” atm) and anything in that range and I might as well just get an eBay digital 100MHz which is rather not, really hoping I can score something for like $50, doesn’t need to be high MHz or even high quality, or new, just works with on screen text/measurements readout with 2 channels that can probe like a differential. I have PayPal G&S, live near Syracuse NY, and can meet in person or pay for shipping. I have multiple online accts that all have 100% positive reviews, etc. I pride myself on my online rep. But ya this is getting way to long, my bad. thx!


Bonjour: WE got a Hameg 10 MHz 1 ch HM103 at a street sale in Paris paid EU5!

Then bought another Hameg 2 ch 20 MHz HM206 at a flea market EU25.

Made in Germany circa 1980s and both worked.

Suggest to go check Craig's List under electronics, attend  Ham Radio fleas markets (monthly in most states, check ARRL)

Be patient!

Bon Chance


Ya I’m thinking I might just have to hit up a used electronics source locally, or spring for the $150 digital eBay specials :)

Wait for a swap meet.  Often I see units such as this offered free.

get an older hp546 series. compact, and work very well


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