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WTS: HP8494A - 001 with N connectors price even more reduced!


Got it with a deal on other HP/Agilent stuff, but sincerely cannot find a use for it. I do audio mostly.

Selling a HP 8494A - 001, a DC-4GHz manual 0-11dB attenuator with 1 dB steps, 001 is the version with "N" connectors; it also has the original base.
I tested it as far as I can, and it works; the person that gave it to me told me it was removed from a working lab - that folded due to COVID.
The knob is smooth in its operation (to be clear, you can operate the knob with two fingers and the attenuator stays put under its own weight. Some of these develop hard switches), the set screw has been replaced with an Allen screw on the knob but it was placed on purpose - likely to improve turning leverage (and it does help in that degard  ;) ); overall very good condition, some small scratches around it but both the N connectors seem brand new.
Asking 120 70 Euro plus shipping.
Updated with images !

Franco, in Italy

Lowered the price to 100 Euro!
Including shipping....

 Now it’s just 70 euro, come on help me build my home lab.....


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