Author Topic: WTT/WTB/LFS (worldwide): Spare parts for original Apple-1s  (Read 807 times)

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WTT/WTB/LFS (worldwide): Spare parts for original Apple-1s
« on: December 02, 2022, 04:02:14 pm »
Hi everyone,

I am looking for spare parts for original Apple-1s. Many replicas are built, and many date-code correct parts are used for it. With some people making replicas in mass-production it is getting more and more difficult to find spare parts. Some buy whatever is possible and some gamblers demand huge sums for individual chips.

For many everything about the Apple-1 is just the value. From a historical point it is very important to preserve them and the work of Steve Wozniak. It's not about whether you like Apple or not. For example, nobody likes to see spare parts from modern cars in a classic cars and that’s how it is with the Apple-1.

And so, I am looking for help. I am buying and trading. I do not sell any ICs. Btw, I am running the Apple-1 Registry and try to preserve the history as good as possible.

I may buy / trade whatever is used for the Apple-1, but here is the ridiculous long list of most wanted ICs / parts I am looking for (dc 75/76, maybe 74):
•   Signetics 74S257, 74166, 74123, 7432, 7404, 7402, 74LS02A, N74LS10A.
•   Fairchild 7400PC or 9n00,  7404PC or 9n04, 7408PC or 9n08, 7410PC or 9n10, 7432PC or 9n32, 74123PC, 74154PC, 74154PC, 74157PC, 74160PC, 74161PC, 74166PC, 74S257PC, 74LS74PC.
•   AMI S6820 (round logo),
•   Synertek SY6520, C6502, SY6502,
•   MOSTEK MK4096N-11,
•   Intel LM 311N,
•   LM323K (golden base),
•   NS DS0025CN, MH0025CN,
•   MMI 6301-1J.
•   NS LM 320 MP-5, NS LM 320 MP-12 dc 540-610. Fairchild F UA7912UC, UA7812UC, 7905UC dc 75-76.
•   Ceramic caps RMC JF .001 10%, Dielectron .01M 25V, CDE (Cornell Dubilier) 47 pF Mica 5% and 10%, green .1Z (unknown brand), blue .47Z X5V 25v (unknown brand), Sprague Z5U .01Z 100V
•   Electrolytic caps Philips 015 S 22uF 25V, Siemens 22uF 25V, Sprague 25V 2400uF 39D 39D248G025JL6, Sprague 15V 5300uF 39D 39D538G015JP6, ATOM TVA-1213 2500 25v, ATOM TVA-1175 5500 or 5600 16v.
•   Crystal Torotel 301.378 14.31818 Mhz
•   Trimmer Bourns 3329 H - 100 Ohm dc76, Spectrol 100 Ohm, 62-1-1 /2 -101, dc74-76, Beckman Helitrim R100
•   Green Slot 50 44S 30 11 (CINCH 252 22 30 21 1)
•   Heatsink Wakefield  680-1.25A

If you prefer to trade, I can offer for example Signetics 2504v dc7622, Fairchild 7427PC dc76.

Any offer welcome. Please send me a PM.


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Re: WTT/WTB/LFS (worldwide): Spare parts for original Apple-1s
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2023, 03:24:18 pm »
Are you trying to build something like?  ;)

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Re: WTT/WTB/LFS (worldwide): Spare parts for original Apple-1s
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2023, 01:34:34 pm »
1.5 millions  loll   made my day   |O

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