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4 1/2 DC Digital Panel Volt Meter

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Well I had start looking for one of those ... 4 1/2 DC  Digital Panel Volt Meter

On ebay it looks that there is 2-3 deferent designs ,  but I can not tell from the pictures or the generic specs , witch one are the most accurate or successful ..  

I am thinking to add one in parallel with my Laboratory PSU , as it has analog meters.

It passed from my mind to get an old branded bench meter , and use it as volt meter.
But I noticed that all those famous  old bench meters , has terrible response times.

Even the worst Chinese  4 1/2 DC  Digital Panel Volt Meter , looks to updates 4 times per second.

I have spotted  this two options , and still looking .
If any one has any tips , just add them .

My interest are about something that could do like  0-35 V  at full resolution ...  all of those could do 19.999 V 

You are thinking of replacing the analog meters on your Kenwood PSU, are you K?

I don't remember fully, but those analog meters are very high quality, and although not as many digits as a digital, its supposed to read accurately as best as analog could ever be.

How many times per second do you change the voltage on your power supply? If you're using it as an AC power source by turning the knob back and forth 50 times a second, you're doing it wrong.

I saw a site where someone bought the cheapest digital multimeters he could find, cut the range switch part of the circuit board off and fixed up the tracks, and attached that. I think it worked out much cheaper than buying a dedicated voltmeter module.

Thanks  S ... I am aware that the originals are high quality meters ..

Thats why I made an alternative move , that so far, it turned out well ...

If everything goes well , I will add it above it ..  ;)

Well @joelby you did not fall far out of my secret alternative plan ..  ;)

Check out this pictures ..  its an bad example of quality of construction ...  Its not my ,
but some one got it in Greece for 10 EUR ..  



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