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"silver" solder versus normal solder

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oh, well I'm managing it fine with a single sided board and as the resistor now goes on it's own little board i will up the copper weight to 2 oz (heaviest I can buy in the UK)

well I got a 5 m length of solder today and took some resistance measurements of the silver and normal: same resistance so point made and taken

Nop ... it does not work that way .

All measurements about resistance , are taken at 100 meters .  ;)

In my village  ;D  only the people who repairs jewelry , uses the silver solder.

If you finish your project , post a photo , it would be interesting to see your doings .

Regards  :)

I've always used the 2% silver stuff - I find it's just plain nicer to use - lower melting point, flows & wets better . Didn't hurt that I scored 10 rolls cheap on ebay a while ago...

2% silver also makes lead-free rather less painful.


--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on May 09, 2010, 12:32:32 am ---Didn't hurt that I scored 10 rolls cheap on ebay a while ago...

--- End quote ---

Well comrade ( electrician & ebayer ), keep your eyes and your lungs , away from the fumes of it,
and you will be fine ..

The point are that is impossible to do so.   ;)


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