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"silver" solder versus normal solder

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How better a conductor is "silver" solder than normal solder. by silver solder I'm refering to solder that has 2-5 % of silver in it, ie: can be used with ease on PCB's

It's primarily intended for soldering components that have a bit of silver in their leads. The datasheets of most components will tell you how or if the leads are tinned.

From Kester's website:

--- Quote ---The 2% silver is required when soldering to silver or silver plated components/leads. The small percent of silver in the solder prevents the silver on the leads from migrating into the solder resulting in a weak or brittle solder connection.
--- End quote ---

It has no other real appeal I'm aware of, though I'm sure there are some audiophile types who'd disagree. It's available in 60/40ish and lead free.

I see,

yea audiophiles tell me about them, anything gets them going, I still haven't forgotten the CD's promissing better reproduction of sound than any other !

Well I odered some, when it arrives I'll measure and let you all know

I've used dielectric resonators at UHF which are effectively silver plated ceramic tubes, if you don' use silver loaded solder the plating dissolves in the solder and ruins the device.


Silver solder is not used instead of lead based solder because it is a better conductor. For soldering electronic components, silver solder is used as a "lead free" solder because it is less toxic then lead solders.

Silver solder actually presents several problems including but not limited to increased heat to melt the solder thereby stressing electronic components as well as creating solder joints that are more brittle.

I use lead based solder and just don't worry about the toxic effects. I am sure that it this doesn't kill me then something else most certainly will. ;D

Silver solders are also used where hardness and strength of the joint is desirable such as in the making of jewelry.


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