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Archive footage (LOTS of vintage goodness!)
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:56:53 pm »
I recently came across a great youtube channel, called Jeff Quitney

It has TONS of vintage footage from the early 1900's right up to the modern day (usually with cleaned up audio).

It covers a huge range of topics: I'll pick a handful at random to give you an idea of the range of stuff here:
-Trench Warfare (a how-to-guide!)
-Traffic lights and how to use them (green means go!) (1936)
-"How a gearbox works" (chevy motors, '37)
-Nylon stockings (oo-la-la!)
-Pressure cookers, they were once new as well!
-Bazooka training (point over there please)
-The interim reports from pretty much every cool space project you can think of: Atlas, Mercury, Juno, Apollo, Gemini - it's all there
-Terrifying declassified cold war stuff about how best to drop very large bombs on very large cities
-Moonlanding footage (internal NASA overview)
-A bunch of tests of various rocket engines
-1940's fashion (check that hair!)
-Silicon Carbide and Aluminum oxide - from the carborundrum company (c.1920)

Of particular interest to the EEVBlog folk are all the great electronics videos: I am particularly partial to the Airforce technician training video on AC Motors - but there are plenty more where that came from!
-The oscilloscope (it was new then)
-Transistors (they were new then as well)
-LEDs (OMAGOD this new technology is magic!)
-Tubes (screeds of things!)

There are also a bunch of fundamental videos (usually US Airforce training films?) covering lots of interesting things for novices - basics like LC oscillators, filters, and a bunch of other analogue stuff (bear in mind some of this is a little dated xD)

Anyway - hope you guys found the channel interesting!There is certainly a great deal of interesting things on there - I'm currently reliving the first moonalnding with firsthand footage from the control centre ;)  :scared:

Ps - I totally think the EEVBlog would look just like this if it were made in the '60s - even some of the mannerisms are there ;)

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