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advice on capturing spikes with a Rigol scope

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--- Quote from: Simon on May 02, 2010, 05:52:01 pm ---so if I read that right having two seperate wires may prove better ?

another thought came to mind, isn't back EMF spikes negative ?, how do I set up the trigger in this case, if i'm after a negative peak the scope will run non stop at the power supply will be over the trigger voltage

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Set it to trigger on the falling edge, and trigger in "normal" mode, i.e. the scope doesn't sweep until the voltage falls through the trigger point.


that sounds like a plan although I've ben playing at triggering the scope with the 50 Hz sine wave i pick up on my body and it seemed to trigger on both positives and negatives

well i had a fiddle today with a single fan (24 V 8 amps) and did not get very far, at best I caught a oscilation of up to 55 volts but it was all positive, this sucker just does not have back emf. The only thing I can think of it that the power supply colapses the voltage "slowly" as it has a soft on/off button, perhaps I should try putting a switch on it ?


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