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Looking at bridging courses ..
« on: January 14, 2013, 11:31:33 am »
Hey guys,

I've always wanted to do electrical engineering, but I'm really not a maths savvy person, as such I'm looking at doing a bridging course I hope will help. Has anyone here done a bridging course to get into EE?

I'm trying to figure out what some stuff I should attempt to touch up on before going in, so I don't just confuse myself instantly.

Being a bridging course, I'd think it would cater for people that maybe didn't do any highschool maths at all, or have simply forgotten heaps of it. I finished highschool in 2011, so even after 1 year my maths skills are pretty rusty (If they weren't always).

A friend who is in his 2nd year of EE at the moment says the bridging courses will cover pretty much everything, but it'll be very fast paced.

Just looking for some advice :)


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