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Amprius battery claims 500Wh/kg battery


I am absolutely not qualified to judge whether it's fishy or not, but:

They claim a significant improvement over existing technologies. If it's true, great :)

Having 30-40% improvement in aerospace application (with no limits for cost) over low-cost commercial products seems totally plausible.

Also see this:
Specific energy 360-500Wh/kg
Cycle life 200-1200 cycles

Maybe this is their compromise; I'm doubtful you'd get the combination of 500Wh/kg and 1200 cycle life in one product.

By sacrificing the 1000-cycle life into 200 cycles, you'd probably get 10-15% extra capacity (thus energy density) out of that alone.

And that 360Wh/kg is not far from what others are already doing.

Now is it possible to transform a high-cost niche technology into mass-market low cost tech? Probably yes, but is it easy? We will see.


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