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analogue meter issue on ohms scale

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I was the proud owner of a Hansen AT-1200 analogue multimeter (which I specifically bought) untill I found that the ohms scale reads wrong (higher tna it should) now it has a fresh set of batteries and even have new battery compartments, as far as I know the volts and amps are pretty much ok so it is a mystery

Its Hard to believe that one Japanese multimeter will get that wrong.
I would check if the zero Om pot, are still in good shape.

As about me I am fun of Hansen too..  ;)

looking at the diagram i was thinking of the trimmer pot as well because it only comes into the circuit as a trimmer when ohms is used, the odd thing is that I can set "0" fine but then the measurements go wrong. I'd like to get it working as I paid £20 for it new altrhough it was marked at £58  ;D

Well if there is no plan about warranty , open it up .. and check the pot.

Its not the first time that something could came damaged, even stored in the new box,
because of an serious accident in transit.
And no one, to be aware of it.

My own analog MetraWatt, came from Germany with the ohm knob miss aligned with the trimmer ,
or better the knob was not controlling the trimmer at all ..

I was ready to send in return a cargo of Nukes at German seller , from my "happiness".

Any way I just removed the top screws and open up the front panel,
and found the problem .
Luckily no true damage .. in a minute the AMM (New word )  was perfect.  :D   


So, did you got it fixed ?


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