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another Chinese handheld Arc (stick) welder toy - mikeselectricstuff


hot snot gun for welders  :-DD
not handy, must use both hands to weld with it
welding sparks will get into vents and destroy it

It does seem to be a rather asinine repackaging of the little chinesium pocket welders. That big bulky thing is not what a good rod holder looks like, especially doing repair work, which is where the little welders come in handy.

Wow, that thing looks sketchy AF!   :wtf:  And I don't believe that duty cycle spec for even an instant - welder duty cycles are typically specified over ten minutes; eg a 15% duty cycle machine can weld at that rated current for a minute and 30 seconds out of every ten minutes.  Seriously doubt that thing could run at 120 A for a full minute and a half.  Yike!


I like the idea but the build quality would need to be superb for this to be a good idea. that is sketchy. technology is not there yet to make this viable

one day its gonna be a 50$ mechanics tool like the high power soldering guns that we have now.


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