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Any advantage of electrolytics over ceramics?

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Other than cost, are there any performance drawbacks of using ceramic capacitors over their electrolytic counterparts?
I have a datasheet that specifies a 100nF ceramic in parallel with a 10uF electrolytic capacitor for decoupling the power supply. Can I replace the 10uF electrolytic with a 10uF ceramic?

I won't say a 10µf ceramic doesn't exist, but I highly doubt it  :-\.
One of the advantages of electrolytic caps is that there are high values available.
You would be hard pressed to find an off-the-shelf ceramic >1µf.

Just use the electrolytic or a tantalum, you won't have much choice there.

I've got a whole bunch right at my desk :D

Heaps of them at farnell at least. -->

Wow  :o . I bow my head in shame  :-X and shut up...

Never seen 10uf ceramics before....

But nevertheless I'd use a electrolytic and a ceramic in parallel, don't ask me why though... microphonics?

I was always under the impression that electrolytics have larger capacitances for their size and ceramics are faster (Maybe due to lower ESR?) so they are better at handling transients.

I know someone on this forum will have a much better more complete answer for you.


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