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Anyone familiar with plastic welding/soldering?

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Red Squirrel:
I need to figure out how to connect a IBC tote to regular plumbing as it will be used as water supply for an offgrid cabin.  I managed to find a Polypropylene Cam lock adapter that fits the IBC tote but the opening is a 2" NPT.  Hardware stores don't sell anything in 2" for water pipe fittings and I have not found anything online either.   I found a NPS to 3/4" hose adapter and chanced that it would still fit, but it does not.  It becomes harder and harder to thread until you can't anymore.

So I think I need to take a different approach, something more custom.  I will start collecting anything with recycle code 5 (PP) and once I have enough, melt it into a sheet.  Then I will cut it and weld it to the end of the camlock adapter so I end up with basically just a cap.  From there, I should be able to drill a 3/4" hole and then caulk a normal pipe fitting in the hole, like a pex crimp barb or something.

My question is, can I mix different colour plastics together when welding?  Whatever plastic I recycle will have different colours.  Will this work?  I'm finding most medicine bottles seem to use PP so I will probably be using mostly white plastic.

You have pretty good odds of having whatever you melt together leaking.

Just use a series of reducing bushings.  You can get a 2 to 1-1/2 plastic bushing from Grainger for around $5.  Then get a 1-1/2 to 1 and a 1  to 3/4 and you're good to go.

Red Squirrel:
Have a link to those?  Have not been able to find anything like that anywhere.  Maybe I'm not searching the right thing.

So you are trying to go from 2" NPT on the tote to 3/4" hose barb?  You should have no problem doing that with off the shelf fittings.  You might have to look more to a pluming supply house then Home hardware. What part of Canada are you in I might have some ideas.

Look up 6MV72 on the grainger site.  That will get you from 2" to 1".  Look up pvc reducing bushing and you'll get all the hits.

You could use galvanized but PVC will be cheaper.  In the listingings MNPT -> male NPT.

Unless you go to a plumbing supply house, finding anything over 1 inch is a problem.  Homeowners rarely see anything over 1 inch so the big box stores and most hardware stores don't stock it.


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