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Anyone play around with the older Adept robot modules?


I am curious if any of you have messed around with the Adept H, M, and S series robot modules that use the Tamagawa TBL-S brushless motors (300 watt for M and H, 100 watt for S series).  I have a bunch of them and have been tinkering a bit with controlling them with the EN-204 and EN-208 sinusoidal drives you can sometimes score cheap on ebay (step/dir inputs).  I recently won a EXC controller though and may try to hook that up and see how it performs vs the Emerson drives.  I don't really know what to build with these modules..they are kind of like a robot erector set for adults though...

Edit:  Here is the start of a gantry I was making out of a few of the modules.  In the video I am moving about 20 pounds on the Y axis using a EN-204 drive at (I think it was) 2000IPM.


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