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Art of Electronics 3rd ed. Horowitz and Hill - any news?

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Every couple years there's another set of rumours about the impending 3rd edition release date -- I feel stupid for even bringing it up. In any case, various ISBN databases and online bookstores have the 3rd edition slated for June 30, 2010. The most recent estimates I've seen are late 2010/early 2011. Does anybody know if there's any stock in this, or have any idea?

According to other posts in the form this is a false listing. It is actually the ed. that we all know and love.

I got a reply directly from Win Hill:
"Early next year we hope.  It's guarenteed
 to have at least a few things you've never seen!"


I'm pretty sure H&H are just trolling us at this point.

Maybe once we get those flying cars...


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