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Art with electronic parts and used PCBs

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Take a look at this:

Pretty cool!

Great finding  ;D

Thanks ..

Very nice, anyone know where can pick these up or something similar? Always after anything to make my desk that little more nerdy lol

My current notebook (paper not computer type) is one of these:

and my coffee mug coaster is one of these:


The company uses fully etched / resist / screenprinted but unpopulated PCBs which are CNC routed into whatever shape they need. Great idea!

For those in the UK this is their site They are based near Huddersfield (I have no connection with them whatsoever). Im sure local alternatives will be available.


Cheers Zad, think the card holder I received as a gift must be from them. Will have to pick up a couple of things once the old student loan is in ;)


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