Author Topic: AUS, QLD, Ipswich. Something to excite model train enthusiasts I saw in the news  (Read 872 times)

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Wow  :o
He kept this secret for decades?

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 There are a lot of people like that - don't let people know about the amazing layout or collection they have in their home, for fear of theft. Sadly nothing new - even the model magazines of the 50's would run ads from a club or individual who had a valuable locomotive stolen during an open house - people were that brazen to just reach over and pick up something and stuff it under their coat, and walk right out. The sad thing is, the thieves were obviously familiar with the hobby because they would take specifically valuable pieces, not just randomly grab stuff.

 With a collection like that, there have to be MANY pieces that are one of a kind, or extremely rare. Another similar rarely seen collection like that was owned by an Italian who was in part behind the Rivarossi company. There was an article in an older magazine I have where the author was given a rare chance to meet the guy and visit his home, which contained an astounding collection of model railroad history from old cast iron pull toys to the most up to date handcrafted scale models.

 I myself am somewhat torn. I don't want to build up a large layout that is only seen by me, but I'm not sure about allowing just anyone into my house to see it, either. I do have the benefit of a door to the outside which opens directly into my basement, so no one would ever be in the other parts of my home. There are a large number of modelers who open their layouts during November, a huge list is generated with schedules and directions and basically you just go to the address on one of the days and times they have listed and you can tour that person's layout. I would guess though, that for every name on the list hosting an open house, there is at least one other, maybe two, who do not want any public notice.


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