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Australian engineering job market



Is anybody informed about Australian labour market? Is it difficult to find a job of the engineer with following skills:

- PCB development (Accell EDA15, PCAD2006, now studying Altium);
- AVR 8-bit microcontrollers based devices development, their programming.

Internet has hinted me that AVR microcontrollers aren't very popular :-(


Altium is the standard in Australia
What sites have you used?
Typing Altium into Seek gets quite few hits, let alone other key words like PCB design.
Atmel only gets one hit in NZ, so if you limit yourself to AVR you are in for a tough time. try "microcontroller" in general.


Dave, thanks for reply & for hints!

I have used for seach - I have typed "Atmel", "AVR", "microcontroller" etc. You are right - "microcontroller" gives some advertisements, but most of them desire ARM based microcontrollers. If internet reflects Australian job market correctly I had better learn new cores or try to find a PCB development job. I'd like to hear Australian engineers opinions. Probably somebody is employed in similar branch or well-informed about real (not internet) situation. If you are employed in embedded, write please which boards are you using and which ones are desirable now.


There is nothing to stop you going for an ARM job if you only have AVR skills. The differences are pretty trivial.
Often you are not expected to have direct experience in the core in question.


You are so right


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