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Baahhh im an easy bought guy!

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what i trying to say is that what David recommend ill buy... ;D

so far i have bought :
-Princeton Tech head lamp ...very good to have when i Geocahching.
-Fenix LD01 Keychain lamp..SUPER LIGHT..... my old Mini MAG light just bearly glowed ...
-And a nice Fluke multimeter. i have several crappy multimeters- cheapies.. :)

Now im saving up for an Rigol oscilloscope :P

What would it be next?

//Magnus Carlsson

Dave, be careful! You'll starve this poor guy family :)

I already had a Fluke multimeter, but got the Rigol DS1052E after Dave
raved about it, then I got the Fenix LD01R2, then bought a second
LD01R2 for my father-in-law for Father's Day.

So far, Dave has cost me about $500US :-)

Now I'm waiting for him to review the Agilent LCR meter....


I am down $900 because of Dave. Beat that!!! :P

Dave's gonna send all his fans to the poor house.

How on earth do I get a part of all this action?!
Seems like everyone's making money but me!  :(



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